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We are looking for quality instructors to help grow SkateStart accross the country. You must have references, be CPR certified, completed high school, and idealy can skateboard. On top of that we are looking for those who are an Education major, have camp experience, and not only work great with kids but parents too. Kickflipping an 8 set doesn't mean you're cut out to teach it.

Do you have a return policy? [Back to Top]

Return and Exchange Policy

Thank you for shopping with SkateStart™ ! We sincerely hope that you're satisfied with your purchase. Should there be a factory defect or an incorrect shipment, we'll gladly exchange it at our cost or issue an inhouse credit NO CASH REFUNDS. If necessary to exchange or return an item please note:

*Call 541-350-9296 within 5 business days from receipt of goods to obtain an "RA" code. Absolutely no returns or exchanges will be accepted if the package isn't clearly marked with the "Return Authorization code".

*Upon approval, merchandise meeting the following criteria may be returned (freight prepaid) for an exchange or inhouse credit only. NO CASH REFUNDS.

*Returned merchandise must be in the original box and in mint condition with any and all tags attached.
*Include a copy of the shipping invoice which accompanies your merchandise.
*Provide a legible explanation on a separate piece of paper.
*All returns and exchanges must be received by SkateStart™ within 30 business days from invoice date. The entire process, after our receipt of merchandise, may take up to 45 business days.
*Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable. Additional shipping and handling fees are required to process all exchanges.


How can I get a SkateStart™ skateboard for myself? [Back to Top]

I know, the Skatestart® stance is pretty awesome and you want it for yourself. Who doesn't? We currently have Skatestart decks in Crisis Skateboarding http://www.skatecrisis.com/blog/ in Broomfield CO. In addition to that, we will be offering a camp option this summer where you will be able to learn how to skateboard AND take the skateboard home. This is a very special product and won't be overproduced and lose its value. 


How do I get Skatestart programs in my location? [Back to Top]

Easy! We provide training and will license out Skatestart to your camp, community, or school. We provide training and as well as equipment. Email for a quote to bring Skatestart in your area. This is a great option for day camps, field houses or indoor facilities, and year round facilities that can keep kids active through skateboarding. 

How do I sign up for a camp or lesson? [Back to Top]

Easy. We work with communities that allow you to sign up at the front desk of the recreation center. Either schedule a lesson by contacting us and we'll handle registration and waivers before the lesson or sign up prior and contact us to schedule a time to meet up. Please give us 48 hours notice to schedule a lesson and try not to cancel an hour ahead of time. 

How many kids are in each camp? [Back to Top]

Camps range from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 15 kids per session.

How much does a SkateStart™ program or lesson cost? [Back to Top]

Great question and the cost of a lesson or camp can vary from community to community.

A typical SkateStart private lesson ranges from $50 to $60 per hour ($60 includes skateboard/helmet). A Level 1 Skatestart camp ranges from $45-$55 per session. Skatestart skateboards are mandadory in these programs and that fee includes the equipment cost. Addtional camps after Level 1 range from $85-$300 depending on the duration of camp. 


How safe are the camps? [Back to Top]

This is a big topic: Safety. Skateboarding is a safe sport, period. Fortunately, we provide camps and lessons that teach safety, how to use your safety equipment, park maintenance, and park awareness. The SkateStart programs are a huge advantage because part of the focus is on park safety and body awareness. With 160 kids signed up in camps and lessons in the summer of 2011 at Lafayette, we used two band-aids.

What are the colored lines on the top (griptape) of the board for? [Back to Top]

SkateStart has developed a teaching tool or design (patent pending) that helps guide a beginner or never-ever towards pushing, rolling, and eventually doing an ollie successfully. We have been putting these lines on kids boards in camps for years to help them progress and have fun skateboarding. Simply put; put your front foot behind the PURPLE line to PUSH, after taking a push put your back foot and the RED lines on the tail and turn your front foot being the RED lines to ROLL. Once you have mastered pushing and rolling an OLLIE is a cool trick to try. Put your front and back foot behind the ORANGE lines and snap that tail! *REMEMBER, while an OLLIE is a really fun trick, it's hard to learn at first. View the video below for more information. 

What safety equipment is required for camps/lessons? [Back to Top]

A helmet is a mandatory requirement. Bike helmets work but there are many shops that sell skateboard specific helmets and getting one that is snug works best. Wrist, elbow, and knee pads are highly encouraged and some communities make them a requirement as well.

When do camps start? [Back to Top]

We will run programs from spring to fall and special "schools out" dates in the winter. We also run enrichment school programs year round Lessons and birthday parties can be booked anytime weather permitting.

Where can I find SkateStart™ skatecamps and programs? [Back to Top]

SkateStart® currently runs programs accross the state of Colorado. We also work with Dream Big Daycamp and Sports Camp Unlimited to get kids on board!  Contact us to find out if we are in your area. Contact us as well if you are looking for extra cool activities for your after school enrichment program, day camp program, or are looking to set up programs in your community. 

Will my child have fun skateboarding? [Back to Top]

This isn't really a "FAQ" but more of a statement. Skateboaring is one of the most fun sports in the world. You feel free, develop friendships, build self determination, and are constantly moving. The camps and lessons show you how much fun skateboarding really is and what you can gain from it. Skateboarding is a lifelong sport BECAUSE it's so fun.

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