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Date: 04.30.12
Author: Pat
Title: Skateboard Do's and Don'ts

1) DO-NOT wear crocs to the skatepark. And our new favorite and a first of yesterday is skateboarding in those Howard the Duck looking toe shoes. Definite DO-NOT

2) DO skate early in the day. A good 9am session gets the day started right and gives you the park pretty much to yourself. (See intro photo of an early morning in Northglenn)

3) DO-NOT let your 1 year old ride his hot-wheel through the park. Sure it's fun but really...

4) DO bring water. Yea there is a drinking fountain at your park but some hooligans probably stuck a pencil in it the night before. Water has oxygen which you need. The more water the longer you skate and the longer you skate the more fun you have.

5) DO-NOT give your 8 year old a 12oz Red Bull and drop him off at the park for a good time.  Read #4.

6) DO use the garbage cans. Putting your Red Bull can NEXT to the garbage can doesn't count.

7) DO-NOT Smoke weed at the skatepark. Really? You had to drive all the way to the skatepark to smoke? Couldn't find a better place? Or you really like showing a bunch of 8 year olds how cool you are. Oh, you can get arrested for that too.

8) DO your part. Keep your local park nice and awesome.

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